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    IT Professional
    Proficient IT Professional with Bachelor’s Degree in IT Certifications: A+ Network+ Security+ Microsoft Certified Professional Experience: Extensive experience of over 6 years in IT with Leadership roles and team management Skills/Expertise: Strong analytical and creative problem-solving skills. Ability to assess complex situations and formulate solutions. Effective verbal and written communication skills. Professional approach and attentive to detail.
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    A multi-talented and multi-faceted entrepreneur with a myriad of creative and innovative ideas, concepts and experiences working on multiple projects. Has an ultimate grand vision of helping empower individuals and making a positive impact in the world at large by helping transform lives around the world, especially for the less-privileged people around the globe.
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    Animal Rights Advocate
    Is strongly passionate about various social causes including human rights, safety, children, animal rights, poverty alleviation, etc. Cares deeply about animal rights and their welfare and aims to create awareness and advocate the cause of protecting them from any inflicted harm in the form of various animal abuse crimes in all of it various nefarious forms including hunting, sport, etc.
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    Thought Leader
    Is well-versed and knowledgeable in a plethora of diverse subject matters or topics of interest including technology, business, politics, spirituality, religion, arts, films, music, sports, science, world events, social issues, social causes, etc. Encourages and invites others to engage in meaningful discourse or dialogue to expand our collective understanding of the world we live in, what it lacks and how we can face the challenges both big and small and how we can work together utilizing all tools including technology to solve some of the biggest challenges humanity faces and how we can make this world a better place to live in



Jawaad Baig has extensive experience of over 6 years in IT with Leadership roles and team management and has worked on multiple projects, assuming various roles including Remote Desktop Support Technician, Group Project Leader, Lead Website Designer and Content Creator, etc.
Jawaad Baig was guided , mentored and supported by his parents emphasiszing the importance of education that would help mold and shape Jawaad into a well-rounded broad-minded and forward-thinking individual who is both ambitious and passionate about making a positive impact in the world by challenging the status-quo and defying the conventional norms of society. He strongly believes that technology can be a force for good that will help revolutionize and transform the world by helping improve the lives of others, especially those individuals who are less-privileged in society.
He has developed and honed a host of skills with complete dedication to his craft and with determination to achieve quality results in a professional approach, enhancing his leadership skills and inspiring others to follow his example of integrity, dedication and determination to succeed.  Over his extensive experience, he has garnered and acquired various technical skills that include the following:

Windows: XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Linux: Fedora 7, Kali, Ubuntu  
MS Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access & OneNote (2003, 2007 & 2010)
Technical Repair: Excellent Troubleshooting skills of Hardware, Software & Network components including LAN (TCP/IP), DNS, DHCP, etc. utilizing helpdesk tools such as Spiceworks, Remedy, etc. 
Information Security: Adept at securing PC and Network Infrastructures with Administering and Managing security policies plus utilizing various IT security tools, including: Active Directory, Office 365, MBSA, GFI LANguard NSS, WireShark, OpenVAS/GreenBone Security Assistant, ZenMAP GUI, Sam Spade, Nessus, Splunk, Net witness Investigator, DVWA, Firewalls, Antivirus tools, etc.

He successfully completed his Bachelor’s Degree in IT with a  Specialization in Security from Colorado Tech. University. He also has professional IT certifications in A+, Network+, Security+ and is also a Microsoft Certified Professional. He also has a Certification in PC Support and Network Administration from Dover Business College. He is also a recipient of several academic achievements including the following list of achievements:
Listed in Dean’s List and President’s List.
Earned a perfect distinction score/grade of 100% (A) in a Vulnerability Assessment Course.
Awarded with recognition as a Strong Scorer Achiever.
Awarded Credentials for 5 Levels of Active Achiever: Novice, Explorer, Ambitious, Enthusiast and Devotee.
Featured in Colorado Tech. University’s Virtual Graduation Highlights Video.

He has a diverse set of interests, which include Technology, Business, Music, Movies, Graphic Design, Animation, Chess, online games, etc. 
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