We Believe in Giving Back
Visionxtech strongly believes in giving back to the community, especially giving back to those who are less-priveleged in society. This is a major and very important cause and mission that we believe in and which is very close to our heart. We support several great Non-profit and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and various charity organizations around the world.  We encourage and invite you to join us in this noble and generous cause so that you can join us in foming a driving force that would act as a catalyst in positively impacting and helping empower those who are less fortunate. Please help join our cause and mission by donating to us as we transfer the proceeds to these organizations or you may visit their websites and donate directly to them. We currently support the following charity organizations: 

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancel Hospital and Research Center:

The Citizen's Foundation (TCF):

Reading Room Project:

Street to School:

People's Animal Care Trust:

Save the Elephants:

Last Chance for Animals:

The Humane Society:

Aman Foundation:

To make a donation, simply click on the "Make a Donation" button above and then enter in your amount along with any other required details in order to successfully send in your donation.  We appreciate any and all contributions greatly. Thank you.

We greatly appreciate all your donations and contributions to our organization which we utilize for extra charity work as well.