Recent Projects
 Here are just some of my most recent work including a couple of finished projects, namely PACT and Chai Shack and a few others I am currently working on...
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Hub Engineering
HUB Engineering, PLLC is a multi-disciplined Forensic Engineering firm, founded by Himad Beg. It has since become the go-to firm for Forensic Engineering services.

HUB Engineering follows three main principles, which are the foundation and keys to our success:

  • Client-Focused
  • Quality Work
  • Ethics
Areas of Expertise
  •  ​Slips-Trips-Falls
  • Premises Liability
  • Construction Accidents
  • Auto Accidents
  • Construction Defects
  • Elevators and Escalators
  • Products Liability
  • Engineering Inspections
  • Fire Investigations
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Expert Witness Testimony
People's Animal Care Trust (PACT)
PACT is a non-profit and non-governmental Animal Welfare Organization.There are very few so called animals welfare organizations here in Pakistan but they are not providing food and shelter to the animals. Some of them are even getting huge fundings but where is it all going? Why the animals are still suffering or living in misery? PACT is going to make a difference (by the grace of Almighty).
PACT was founded by Mr. Shehryar Kureshi as a promise on behalf of caring, kind hearted and generous people to protect and care for the animals and to provide help and protection whenever needed and in whatever way possible.

Chai Shack
Chai Shack brings excellent quality premiere tea of various kinds to a broad range of tea lovers from across Pakistan. Our tea is hand-crafted with quality care to create the perfect cup with an enchanting aroma. Most importantly, we take pride in serving our delightful tea and various delicacies of our special food varieties with utmost care and love for our customers.  

Chai Shack never fails in Taste and Quality because we care greatly about the needs of our customers. We provide excellent service in bringing to you refreshing Chai, Kahwa, Parathas, Snacks and Shakes...and much more in one place and under the open skies which makes for an open breezy great ambiance.

Website Address:
Your unique source and destination of premiere ebooks from our large collection and database of ebooks. All your favorite ebooks can now be accessed in downloadable .pdf format.

After years reading and studying a plethora of ebooks on a wide variety of genres or subject matters, Jawaad Baig decided that it was time to prsue his passion of helping inform and educate others with goldren and invaluable knowledge and information by sharing his ebooks with the whole world - thus realizing the creation and transformation of the library of ebooks from the desk of Jawaad's to the wesbite of the world...

A project that has been put on temporary hold...may resume work on it in the future.
Secure IT Solutions for a more secure environment.

A work in progress.

Special Car Deals.

A work in progress.