Skills Development

We help you develop your Skills

We provide highly personalized and flexible skills development programs that are self-paced according to the level of knowledge, skills and expertise that the learner has and is willing to acquire further. We work closely with our learners on a personalized one-on-one basis to help assist them in acquiring and polishing their unique skills and talents to help nourish and develop them in positive and growth-oriented manner. Currently we are working on developing these special programs and will be launching these soon in the near future. Once we will be ready to roll out the courses, our interested learners will be notified about them via email. For any further questions, queries or details, please feel free to contact us at the contact information provided. We look forward to helping assist our learners in gaining new knowledge and expertise in their personal and professional development areas so that they can improve their confidence and work with us by joining our team or working for another company as they deem most appropriate according to their goals and aspirations.

We will be covering several IT areas of study, including but not limited to: Computer Basics, General IT, Desk Support, IT – Security among several other IT focus areas, ranging from basic fundamentals to advanced concepts. Hence, the knowledge base would cater to all kinds of learners, from beginners to intermediate to advanced learners who are looking to gain or improve their skills and level of expertise. Although currently this area will be unavailable temporarily, we will be working on this area and will be officially launching this soon in the near future. We will notify our interested learners when we will be launching this program and providing all other relevant details pertaining to it. Stay tuned for this and feel free to ask any questions related to it by contacting us at our provided contact information.

Computer Basics
Computer Basics will help provide our avid learners the opportunity to create a solid foundation when it comes to understanding various basic computing operations including utilizing various software in terms of their installation, configuration, etc. along with a host of various other tasks including but not limited to:

  • How to add icons on the desktop
  • How to change the resolution of the monitor screen
  • How to add a wallpaper of your own choice or desire
  • How to add a screensaver that will automatically run after a specific time when the system remains idle
  • How to change desktop themes with a variation of several different styles and color combinations
  • How to uninstall and completely remove a software program from the system
  • How to clean up junk files (including temporary files) that clutters the system
  • How to utilize MS Office for various official and non-official tasks with regards to personal and professional use

…and a lot, lot more…
Desk Support
Coming Soon...stay tuned for more updates in this space!
General IT
Coming Soon...stay tuned for more updates in this space!
IT - Security
Coming Soon...stay tuned for more updates in this space!