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Visionxtech helps keep your computer system operating  in stable condition by diagnosing, repairing and streamlining or optimizing it!

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Resolution and  Optimizaton

Contact and Consultation

Diagnosis and Repair

First, simply contact us by our contact information provided, preferably by Email or through our Contact form or send us a request to get in touch via phone and we will shortly get in touch with you. We will then gather important information relating to the issue you are experiencing and provide you with consultation as to how the issue can best be resolved.
Next, we will connect with you remotely via remote login and then assess the issue and begin the process of diagnosing it in detail in order to best approach the process of troubleshooting the issue. We will then work on repairing the issue while keeping you informed through an interactive communication chat mode.
Finally, we will wrap up the repair process and ensure that the issue has been resolved after which we then enhance security and stability of your system by utilizing our tools to clean up any clutter of junk files, remove any virus or malware and finally optimize the system with defragmentation and with our special optimization techniques.

With our assistance, go:

From this...

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Our Remote Tech. Support covers:

Computer Repair – Hardware-related or Software-related

Optimization of Slow and Sluggish Computers

Setup, Installation and Configuration of any Software

Malware and Virus Removal
Information Security Tools and Strategies

Some suggestions and tips:


We highly recommend and suggest that our users or clients kindly download a screen capture software to capture the images on their computer screens (in case they don't have any such software installed from before). If they have such a type of software then they should take a snapshot of their screen and then attach that image in our special IT Service Desk form so that we may review it and  provide timely diagnose, repair and resolution along with feedback. In the event that the user does not have any such type of software, then we highly recommend that he or she download our screen capture software that is a very effective and easy to use software or capture tool that will help in acquiring the relevant images that would enable us to assist our users better.  Now you can download the software or capture tool 100% Completely Free! by joining us after registering or signing up with us and then downloading it from our special "Member's Area". 
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Also please note that in order to upload the image into our form, simply save the image file in an image format such as .png, gif or the most recommended and highly popular format of jpeg, which we highly recommend. Hence, simply locate the image file from your local destination folder on your system and then upload and submit it via our form. For any further details, queries or questions that you may have please feel free to email us or contact us through our contact information provided.